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Developing your Growth Mindset: Early Insights from our First Cohort

We’ve officially graduated our first cohort of learners who have completed our Developing your Growth Mindset program.  The results have been fascinating.    Here’s a sneak peek on what we learned…. We saw the highest average scores in the areas of aspiration, autonomy and resilience Ambitious aspirations were appropriately scoped, well prepared and thought through Many […]

Augmenting our coaches with machine learning insights

After a period of hard grafting, digging deep on data and testing many many hypotheses, we’re starting to pilot our Augmented Feedback solution in coaching conversations with our clients. As we debrief our coachee’s Experience Accelerator scenario, we share human- and machine learning-generated feedback on the quality of their conversations. Bringing data science to the […]

“Power With”​ meets “Power Over”

By Dr Karen Walch, Clair-Buoyant™ Leadership, LLC and QuantumNegotiation™ I have always had a deep curiosity about power in social interactions. My studies through PhD research and teaching experiences around the world had left me dissatisfied with the current state of knowledge and wisdom on negotiation. Much of the study and practice is about having political, legal, social “power […]

Three common missteps when delivering feedback (told by the data!)

At The Experience Accelerator, we’re in the process of building unique data sets on behavioural skills.  Through our fully virtual “visualise/practice/feedback” learning loops, we are gaining tremendous insights on what goes systematically right and wrong for our learners when seeking to improve their soft skills. In a world where people analytics and delivering change at […]

Are your negotiating skills fit for Industry 4.0?

Wondering if your negotiating skills are fit for Industry 4.0? Catch up with the conversation between Dr Karen Walch and Sarah Schwab on our recent webinar to hear answers to questions like: *** How are effective negotiating strategies different in an Industry 4.0 environment? *** What are the common mistakes we see people make? **** […]

Are your negotiations Win-Win or Win-Lose?

I’ve always been a fan of Dr Karen Walch. She’s wicked smart, kind, funny and committed to making an impact through her academic thought leadership. As so often happens, if you surround yourself with great people like Karen, good ideas bubble up and I’d like to tell you about one of them today. But first, a bit […]