Developing your Growth Mindset: Early Insights from our First Cohort

We’ve officially graduated our first cohort of learners who have completed our Developing your Growth Mindset program.  The results have been fascinating.    Here’s a sneak peek on what we learned….

We saw the highest average scores in the areas of aspiration, autonomy and resilience

  • Ambitious aspirations were appropriately scoped, well prepared and thought through
  • Many learners had a broad range of self-awareness which was evident. They could talk about skills that were innate and positive for them and at the same time, they could frame their challenge areas with candor and with the sense of possibility for growth.
  • Stories of past resilience were rich, detailed and inspiring
  • Autonomy was clear and the stories in this area were balanced and optimistic. We saw our learners be open and flexible about how things might unfold for them in the future and they grounded these in the opportunities they see for themselves.  Almost all our learners were honest, in a balanced way, about the uncertainty facing them.
  • Most learners came up with very specific, tangible and interlinked next steps


We saw lower scores in the areas of inner voice, curiosity, reward and networking.

  • The inner voice presented in some cases as overly critical, in others we saw outdated labels or being unable to let go of shame or deep emotions related to past events.  However, it’s important to note that learning from past failures was strong almost across the board.  For some, reassurance techniques were in place to counter the negative inner voice, in others, this continues to be a work in progress.
  • Quiet undertones of imposter syndrome were present in some of our participants. (aka “I’m not sure if I’m ready”, “I don’t have all the requisite experience to make that next step”, “people will think who is she to do that?” etc.)
  • Oftentimes, the bigger reason “WHY?” for the ambitious aspiration wasn’t clear or immediately evident.  We encouraged our learners to think through how their growth areas fits into their bigger life journey.
  • Curiosity is an area to keep plugging away at.  “Better” here looks like more investigation, questioning, ability to recognise bias, challenge assumptions and experimentation.  Many hadn’t examined their assumptions underpinning their growth goal.
  • Networking: here the opportunity for our learners is to tap into broader networks to support them in their growth aspiration moving forward.  By seeking out different profiles, (eg. potentially people who might feel in the outgroup to us) will only help with curiosity, challenging conventional wisdom and making progress against our ambitious aspirations.
  • And finally, we all need to try to keep a focus on habits – with busy, metrics oriented people, these small cues and routines will allow us to keep on track with our personal growth


If you’d like to pursue this program, we are offering a time limited discount of US$99 (RRP US$250) until 30th July 2020.  Click on this link for more details:  Sign up here