Are your negotiations Win-Win or Win-Lose?

I’ve always been a fan of Dr Karen Walch. She’s wicked smart, kind, funny and committed to making an impact through her academic thought leadership. As so often happens, if you surround yourself with great people like Karen, good ideas bubble up and I’d like to tell you about one of them today.

But first, a bit of context. I founded the Experience Accelerator to help equip early career leaders with the behavioural skills necessary to help them be great leaders and managers – affordably and at scale. And it’s going pretty well. We’ve been working with leaders across Europe, Middle East and Africa, on foundational leadership behaviours like: how to give feedback, using coaching as a tool for performance, building trust, having difficult conversations etc. It’s turning out to be a popular, high impact way of learning.

Karen was one of our first beta testers and we have been nurturing an idea about creating a set of scenarios focused on the latest thought leadership on leadership behaviours. Too often, the latest thought leadership does not attain its true impact, in part, because once the book is written, workshops designed and key note speeches delivered, the dissemination of the great ideas hits a scale problem – the author is consumed with delivery and there’s a finite set of days in a given year they can devote to delivering, let alone building out their next great set of ideas. We think there might be a new solution to this dilemma – here’s our first case in point:

Karen is an expert in negotiation training – you can see her latest post on the topic here–1c/

Together, we’ve generated a two part training series entitled Negotiation for Industry 4.0 – where a learner can get access to the latest thinking and models on negotiation strategies and why leaders are evolving their negotiation approaches to be more effective in today’s business environment.  Learners focus on managing negotiations which are: complex or strategically important and where managing the relationship with stakeholders is key. They get to practice running a real negotiation in a safe environment both in a solo warm up activity and then with one of our Livetutors on a video call. Based on their performance in the video role play, they get a personalised feedback report on what they have done well and where they can improve. It’s personalised, practice-oriented training – and is delivered fully virtually and can be learned in bite sized chunks – so perfect for busy leaders. This scenario targets mid career professionals who lead complex internal or external negotiations on behalf of their organisations. 

In keeping with a core tenet of Negotiation for Industry 4.0, it’s a win/win business model for us both. We at The Experience Accelerator get to share some of the world’s best ideas on behavioural leadership and Karen gets to share her great thinking at greater scale to more of the world’s leaders. 

So three calls to action:

If you are responsible for improving the quality of your internal and external negotiations and want to learn more, check out our Negotiation for Industry 4.0 learning objectives here

If you want to get a sneak peek into some of our early observations on performance, join us on June 17th for a webinar – click here to register:

If you are a thought leader in behavioural leadership and want to learn more about our scenario creation and qualification process, email me